Areas of specialisation

Criminal law relating to the environment and occupation health and safety

Studio Legale Associato Stella has gained experience of providing legal advice to clients throughout Italy in relation to criminal proceedings regarding environmental crimes, public health and occupational health and safety.

In particular, the firm assists its clients in criminal proceedings involving, by way of mere example, manslaughter and/or assault, crimes against public health and safety (such as polluting water ways or foodstuff, food adulteration or counterfeiting, fire, other types of disasters, omission of occupational safety prevention measures, damages, etc.) and misdemeanours provided for in the Italian Penal Code and sector regulations, such as applicable environmental laws and regulations and health and safety regulations.

We assist our clients in defining defence strategies and preparing for and managing criminal proceedings; the firm collaborates with a team of highly skilled experts who are specialised in various scientific fields and have accrued notable experience in standing as technical experts in criminal cases.

Studio Stella provides legal advice to leading figures in other areas of law (mainly administrative and civil law) regarding reclamation, proceedings relating to the environment, compensation claims deriving from environmental damage and/or bodily injury deriving from exposure in the workplace to chemical substances or industrial incidents and/or occupational accidents, brought with the relevant authorities.

Finally, Studio Stella regularly provides independent opinions in relation to complex and often disputed issues concerning criminal law and the environment and occupational health and safety.