Studio Legale Associato Stella provides high profile legal assistance
in contentious and non contentious matters in the following areas:

Corporate criminal law

The Firm has a specific and long term experience with regard to trials and proceedings related to white collar crimes and corporate crimes, criminal liability for corporations and legal entities, crimes against the public administration (i.e. corruption) and other economic crimes.
The firm provides advice to companies and groups - both Italian and international - in relation to the preparation of organisational and management models, identifying advisable structures for supervisory bodies and the correct set up of powers within a corporation, working closely with experts specialised in risk assessment in relation to the commission of the crimes provided by Legislative Decree 231/01.
The Firm also assists its clients in contentious and non contentious matters regarding the protection of industrial property, with specific reference to trademark and patent protection, and also advises on intellectual property and copyright issues.
Clients of the firm are multinational companies, industrial and financial groups and companies, banks, public officials and other individuals operating in the corporate market.

Environmental criminal law

The Firm developed in the course of its history almost unique legal skills and expertise in the area of environmental criminal law, mainly with regard to cases and trials concerning environmental crimes in industrial settings, crimes against public health (such as the crime of ‘environmental disaster’ frequently discussed in Italian courts) and other crimes against the environment (contamination of water, air, sediments, biota).
We assist our clients in defining defence strategies and preparing for and managing criminal proceedings; the firm collaborates with a team of highly skilled experts, national and international, who are specialised in various scientific fields and have accrued notable experience in standing as technical experts in criminal cases.Among the clients of the Firm there are several multinational companies and groups operating in the chemical, petrochemical, environmental remediation, oil and gas, refining and energy industry.

Occupational health and safety crimes

Another main area of specific expertise of the Firm is related to all crimes concerning occupational health and safety, such as exposure to chemical substances at workplace (asbestos, benzene, aromatic amines, etc.) or injuries or major accidents occurred to workers or plants in industrial settings.
Among the clients of the Firm there are multinational companies and groups operating in the chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, refining and energy industry.

The Firm frequently provides legal assistance also in the area of medical malpractice and its members are able to provide a network of trusted experts in the different areas of interest (pathology, occupational medicine, etc).

Bankruptcy crimes

The Firm developed a pluriannual expertise also in relation to bankruptcy and insolvency crimes, including fraudulent bankruptcy, participating to trials and proceedings in defense of managers or other corporate board members facing criminal charges in such areas.

Tax crimes

Another main area of pratice of The Firm is related to tax crimes (such as money laundering, tax evasion, fraudulent income declaration and similar) and to the criminal consequences of the ‘voluntary disclosure’ procedure.
The Firm frequently cooperates with tax law experts and other tax law consultants in order to assist its clients in criminal tax matters.

Corporate law

Litigation and legal advice in corporate law: i) from corporate governance to directors, officers and auditors liability, challenge of shareholders meetings’ and board of directors’ resolution, breach of shareholders’ agreement and articles of association; ii) from drafting and negotiation of non disclosure agreement, term sheet and investment agreement, share and purchase agreement, shareholders’ or third party loans agreement, option rights, put&call agreement, to merger and acquisition, company winding up and exit process. A specific focus is put on innovative start up and PMI, from its setting up to financing, to stock plans and grants;

Commercial law

Legal advice in company daily and ordinary activities, specially in drafting and negotiation of different commercial contracts (procurement, lease, logistic, IP rights, agency, distribution, settlement, etc.) and related dispute resolution and litigation.